Information Retrieval

My main focus in information retrieval is currently investigating neural models for ranking models for document retrieval and open-domain question answering. I also work extensively on temporal information retrieval and enrichment of textual knowledge sources like Wikipedia.

While searching for articles published over time, a key preference is to retrieve documents which cover the important aspects from important points in time which is different from standard search behavior. To support such a search strategy, we introduce the notion of a Historical Query Intent to explicitly model a historian’s search task and define an aspect-time diversification problem over news archives. We present novel algorithms and build a search system called HistDiv over 20 years of New York Times, that explicitly models the aspects and important time windows based on a historian’s information seeking behavior.


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Avishek Anand
Avishek Anand
Associate Professor

My research interests lies in the application of machine learning to information retrieval and Web tasks.